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Tshayana Family Background:


Tshayana is the surname of the founder of this company, meaning that this used to be the name of one of his forefathers. Tshayana was born in the village of Gubenxa, and migrated  when he was older, to live in in the village of Lower Gqaga, both villages being in Ngcobo, Eastern Cape, (circa 1700 - 1800), and it is in this village that he passed away and is buried. Tshayana, of the Mvulane clan, is one of the sons of Ncilashe, (who also gave birth to Gova, Gqwetha, Pama, Mlisana, Mxi, Lengisi, Lumkwana, Nyebe, Zonyane, Mgodeli), and who is one of the ancestors of the amaMvulane as a whole. Undocumented history tells us of Tshayana as having been allocated the land in Lower Gqaga, by the then Chief Dalasile of amaQwathi, in the village of Boklein, due to the fact that he had plenty of livestock, and the mountainous village was suitable for him and his family and livestock. It is in this village also, that the Tshayana family lineage can be traced. The Tshayana Family Tree provides just a glimpse of the lineage that Zonwabele comes from, but like many other family trees where information is not documented, the project is still work in progress, pending research. Zonwabele Tshayana, the founder of the company, is a sixth generation in the Tshayana lineage. He is the first born son of Tembisa Tshayana, the daughter of Nelson and Nombeko Tshayana. The company seeks to continue the legacy left by Nelson Sigerana Tshayana, the man who made Zonwabele to be the person he is today. Sigerana was a people's person, a community developer, a visionary, a leader. He not only planted the love of people in Zonwabele, but also the spirit of servitude. This is the man who always served his people, be it his fellow work colleagues, or those who worked in Cape Town and were from the former Ciskei and Transkei, those who stayed with him kwaLanga in Cape Town, he was a servant. He was a man of action, who always made sure that those who were less fortunate were taken care of.


Company Background 


The name of the company is  duly registered as Tshayana Holdings. The reason we have chosen the specific name, is that we are building the Tshayana name and legacy, and within this Holding company, we are going to have various companies that are owned / run by members of the Tshayana family. For example, we have Zonwabele, the founder, who is a Social Activist, Author, Poet, Blogger and an Entrepreneur. We have Advocate T Tshayana, who specialises in Labour Law. We have Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, IT Practitioners, a Linguist, Fashion Designer, Baker, Photographer and various other Entrepreneurs. So, for example, we will have Tshayana Transport, Sizila Manufacturing, Tshayana Consulting & Wellness amongst these companies that will be registered under Tshayana Holdings.


Again, there is another component within the company, which is about giving back to fellow black business people. The company will provide advertising / listing space for small and up-coming, black owned businesses on its website. This service will be provided as a way of ensuring that these businesses are provided with a platform where they can showcase their goods and services, making the website a one-stop shop for a customer who wants to engage with or support black owned businesses. This came about from the founder's belief that there is a need to revolutionarise the South African economy, and ensure that the economic landscape is highly representative, inclusive and indicative of the geo-social and racial dynamics of the country.


We provide a platform where black owned businesses can list their goods and services, especially start-up businesses, making our website a one stop online hub for customers who want to engage with or support black owned businesses

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